My Black Beauty Box is all about getting the word out about businesses and helping them to succeed. We try to achieve this in 3 ways: 

  1. We supply each member with an influencer list of trusted influencers we have worked with. (This helps to promote the business to customers directly in their market.)

  2. We send out monthly boxes to influencers with products from our members and cover all influencer posting rates. (This helps to cut down promotion cost which is especially important for start up businesses or businesses building up their cash flow).

  3. We randomly select businesses to be represented in the boxes sold to the public. Please note the selected company of the month will be notified and paid weekly for orders to fulfill. Please note sometimes the orders may be many and sometimes they may be few. (This help the business to generate sales and potentially gain long time customers). 

The underlying truth is we are rooting for each company to succeed.  While we cannot control each company success we are committed to helping and doing all we can. Why because we are better together.