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Additional Ways We Promote Your Brand


1.  4 Hour dynamic keychain promotion and 24 IG story post with hyperlink included.  ($25 for non-members/$15.00 for members)   

Our QR code keychain is dynamic which means we can change it at any time. We use a wix template for the promotion so you do not need to create an online flyer we only need the promotion deal ex. 20% off using code BBB, and a website link, social media link, phone number or email for people to be able to use the deal. Please see sample video below:

2.  Monthly store vending pass

We are local to Los Angeles and are fortunate enough to have a store within the mall. With that being said our store is for the black business community, so we would like to extend an invitation for monthly vending opportunities. With the monthly pass you pay $100.00 a month and you can vend during business hours up to 2 days a month. Please view our calendar for open days. After being a monthly vending pass member for a consecutive 3 months vending days will increase from 2 to 3.  

3. Business QR Code Keychains

We love the business QR code keychains, and we also make these keychains for other businesses. Each keychain is tailored to fit the brand and brands often use them as business cards as well. These keychains can also serve a dual purpose and we used as loyalty and reward memberships and if used this way they can make you money. Use this LINK to check our new IG page and use the link in our bio to order:


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